Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A date: the 11th of September


US Military deaths Iraq 3772

Civilian deaths
Reported Minimum 71,720
Reported Maximum 78,296

Iraq Body Count

The picture of George W. Bush by Phil Hansen is made up of the names of 1768 coalition soldiers killed in Iraq.

A date: the 11th of September



A date: the 11th of September


This is fascism


Salvador Allende.

Assassinated by the Generals

in collusion with U.S. transnational corporations, the U.S. government and other centres for international capital, and the Chilean oligarchy.

A date: the 11th of September

"Onze de setembre" Lluis Alaves


On 11 September 1714, with the fall of Barcelona after street to street fighting and nearly 4000 dead, Catalonia was finally defeated by the Spanish troops of Felipe V of Bourbon.

Catalonia had been a sovereign nation up to this point. It lost its national rights and liberties, its own laws were abolished and Catalan language and culture were banned.

With some of these rights restored, it is now the National Day of Catalonia and a holiday

Monday, 10 September 2007

Of Puppets and Puppet Masters

Jordi Beltran and Osama
"Threading Songs." Bodega Salto 17.7.07
Poble Sec annual street festival

"At the third UNCTAD I was given the opportunity to discuss the phenomenon of the transnational corporations. I emphasized the vertiginous growth in their economic power, political influence and corrupting action. World opinion should react with alarm in the face of this reality. The power of these corporations is so great that it extends beyond all borders...

We are facing a direct and very real confrontation between the large transnational corporations and the states. The corporations are interfering in the fundamental political, economic and military decisions of the states. The corporations are global organizations that do not depend on any state and whose activities are not controlled by, nor are they accountable to any parliament or any other institution representative of the collective interest.

In short, it is the entire world political structure that is being undermined. 'Traders have no country. They have no ties to the place where they carry out their business; they are only interested in the profits'. This affirmation is not mine, the words are Thomas Jefferson‘s. "

President Salvador Allende of Chile
Speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations.
4 December 1972

Two names. Of many.


(article 7)