Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Plaça St. Jaume 10.01.2009

18 days.

920 dead.

292 of these are children.

4,300 injured.

Last night on the news George Bush, laughing and joking, was
warning Barak Obama of his legacy: the possibility of a new
terrorist attack on the United States.

From the start of this war on Gaza, with the go-ahead, you can
be sure, of the Bush administration, it seems obvious that
this is exactly what has been planned.

The anger and radicalism increase as the days pass...

A new terrorist attack.

What better way to justify the violation of human rights, the
limits on freedom in the name of homeland security.

To ensure the proliferation of the arms industry.

In which they have such a large stake.

And most especially to sabotage the change that so many hope
for with Barak Obama.

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