Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Sons and daughters

Poster by Rafael Perez Contel
For the Alliance of Intellectuals in Defence of Culture. Valencia

In July 1932, the Society of Nations, precursor of the UN, issued a declaration totally prohibiting the aerial bombardment of civilian populations. Advances in aviation technology since the end of World War I, when this new and totally devastating method of warfare had first been used, led many to fear the consequences for the future.

But the Military have never shown much interest in civilian consequences.

Nor much respect for the opinions of the UN.

Both Italy and Germany, aware they could never compete with British domination of the seas, had been investing heavily in aeronautical research and development. Both were to come into the Spanish Civil War to support Franco and the fascist cause. In spite of the Non-Intervention Agreement.

But, especially, they came to test the potential of this new weapon.

In the summer of '36, when the Civil War began, most countries in Europe, had already started to take measures to protect civilians from possible air attack.

But Spain had done very little.

On the 29th October a bombing campaign, with strong participation of German Junker and Italian Savoia planes began on Madrid. It lasted, intermittently throughout November.

Some of the victims are shown above.

It would be only 9 years to Hiroshima.

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He visitado tu blog, leyendo el comentario sobre los bombardeos aereos. Impresionante y buena elección con el cartel de guerra. Yo soy el nieto de Pérez Contel, e intento recopilar información sobre la figura de mi abuelo procedente de cualquier lugar, para incorporarla también a la web que sobre su figura mantengo en Enhorabuena por tu blog.