Sunday, 25 November 2007

David Duke. Foiled by the Redskins. And friends.

Gran de Gracia. Barcelona. 24.11.07

David Duke,* white-supremacist, racist, anti-semite, holocaust denier, nazi sympathiser, homophobe (the list is rather long), former Grand Wizard (oh, please, how old are these people?) of the Ku Klux Klan, and former jailbird was in Barcelona on Saturday evening to spread the word.

David (a rather unfortunate name for an anti-semite) believes North America belongs to North Americans.

Preferably the blonde, blue-eyed sort.

He seems to be forgetting something.

David was born in Oklahoma.

Land of the Cheyenne, the Comanche, the Black Pawnee. Amongst others.

Such beautiful names

So it seems fitting that his talk at a neo-Nazi bookshop in Barcelona was cancelled, in part, because of the protest organized by young anti-fascist groups, including skinheads who call themselves "Redskins."

Of course he also believes Europe belongs to Europeans.

Preferably the blonde, blue-eyed sort.

He had come to Spain, allegedly to promote some anti-semite book he´s written, but more likely to spread his racist venom on the dangers of immigration.

Early in the afternoon all streets leading to the bookshop were blocked by rows of riot police.
Few, apart from the press, were allowed access and those who were were searched and asked for identification.

Like criminals.

Inside the bookshop members of the police were ready to record
Duke´s conference, with instructions to interrupt and suspend the
act at the first signs of hate-mongering.

This would probably have left him with very little to say.

The act was cancelled.

In a subsequent declaration to the press Duke "lamented that Barcelona was the only city in Spain where he had been unable to present his book."

I have great taste in cities.

*The link is to a Jewish web. Excellent information if you wish to know more about
Duke. But perhaps they should themselves reflect on the dangers of racial hatred.

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