Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Still defending a dream

Joaquina Dorada, 90, Montjuïc cemetery Barcelona Sunday 18 November during the act in remembrance of Buenaventura Durruti and Francisco Ascaso and the thousands of fighters
who gave their lives, who were persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and shot or forced into exile in defence of anarchist ideas and the CNT.

In 1936 Joaquina Dorada was a member of the Iberian Federation of Young Libertarians of Poble sec. An active participant in collectivizations she became Secretary of the woodworkers' union. Imprisoned several times after the war for clandestine anti-Franco activities, when sentenced to 15 years in 1952 for "aiding the rebellion" of 1936 she replied: "What rebellion?
The rebels were the fascists." She escaped to France in 1957.

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