Saturday, 15 March 2008


Josep Renau

On February 15 & 16 2003, with the invasion of Iraq imminent, unprecedented anti-war demonstrations were held all over the world. Estimated numbers vary, strangely, but in 800 cities in 60 countries, between 8 and 30 million people went out onto the streets to say no to war.

So what?

You just lie your way through when you want the petrol and the profits of war.

Bush´s recent visit to the Middle East, alone, resulted in arms deals of an estimated 20 billion dollars.

This man accuses Iran and Syria of fomenting violence.

If he can he will move the war to Iran.

This afternoon there will be demonstrations, for those who still rage and sorrow, to mark the 5th anniversary of the war.

In Barcelona: Pla├ža Universitat 17.00h

I do try to get back to the story of the air raid shelter.....

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