Friday, 11 April 2008

Truth, Lies and the Olympics

Photo: Agustí Centelles Ossó

"All British and US troops serving in Iraq will be withdrawn within
a year...The planned pull-out from Iraq follows the acceptance by
London and Washington that the presence of the coalition now
seen as the main obstacle to peace."
Telegraph 08/03/2006

"...the Bush administration has begun keep U.S
troops in Iraq for years, even decades, after George W. Bush leaves
Washington Independent 26/03/2008

I would prefer to explain the history of the suitcase with the
negatives of Agustí Centelles photos of the Spanish Civil War,
recuperated, like Robert Capa's, to bear witness to a time.

But that must wait.

Because Iraq is now.

Britain isn't saying much about troop withdrawal except that it
has been "delayed".

Meanwhile preparations for the 2012 Olympics in London

Just think how many armless, legless athletes they can bring from
Iraq for the "Para-Olympics".

I wonder who will boycott London.

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