Friday, 19 June 2009

The Flix Shelter

Miguel Carrillo and Oscar Bosch
Flix June 2008

We also wanted to see the Civil War air raid shelter that
had recently been refurbished and opened to the public.

But weren't sure where it was.

Miguel went into the market hall to ask and, one of those
lucky coincidences, found one of the Flix town councillors,
Sr. Oscar Bosch, having breakfast.*

He was kind enough to leave his family and meal to come
outside to show us where to go. During the conversation
I had an idea. Cities and towns are always being twinned for
cultural exchanges - why not twin our air raid shelter in
Poble Sec with the one in Flix? Sr Bosch was very open to the
idea. calling cards were exchanged and we all promised to work
on the idea and get in touch after the summer.

We left in search of the shelter.

*For those visiting Spain, it is often a very good idea to eat in
the caf├ęs and little restaurants inside or around the markets.

Saturday 20th June

I have just read that Sr Bosch has just been elected Lord
Mayor of Flix. Congratulations!

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