Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Putting out the fire with gasoline

Duality of Humanity
Shepard Fairey

"Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my Browning"

Hermann Göring.

Last April, in Strasbourg, they celebrated the 60th Anniversary
Summit of NATO.

With pomp and ceremony and Obama.

And riot police armed to the teeth.

Because members of anti-war and peace movements from
19 different countries had planned a counter summit with
cultural events and demonstrations in protest as they believe
that NATO has become the "key vehicle for the US and its allies
to pursue their wars."

And sell themselves the arms they produce.

Only the violent protesters got media coverage.

Of course.

One has to justify the €150 million cost of policing the 3-day

Some figures from the NATO Defence Expenditure Report
(Estimated for 2007)

  • USA.......... 545,328,000,000 dollars
  • France........ 44,283,000,000 euros
  • UK............. 31,629,000,000 pounds
  • Germany...... 30,739,000,000 euros
  • Spain.......... 12,771,000,000 euros

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