Sunday, 18 January 2009

Criminal Complicity

The F-16 jet fighter was originally developed by General
Dynamics for The US Air Force.

It is now manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

The bombers have been sold to 25 countries.

Including Israel who have used them in their attack on Gaza
to kill 1300 people and injure 5340. And now, with this fragile
ceasefire, they are still pulling the dead from under the rubble.

The Shipload of Arms for Israel.

The ship carrying US munitions for Israel that was blocked from
Greek ports on Friday has a name: the Wehr Elbe. It's a chartered
German-owned vessel. It has now moved away from Greece but
has turned off its transponder tracking to prevent its location
being identified.

The sale of arms is, of course, totally legal.

Even to rogue states.

The Pentagon insists the sale was arranged last summer and
approved in October. I have read Israel has been planning this
attack on Palestine for months, obviously with knowledge of the
Bush administration. Criminal complicity.

So yes, Mr Obama, we want a change.

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